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Improve your chances by Innovative Mentoring from industry experts

You have a great idea and a promising business view, now is the time to turn the dream into reality.

Accelerantia will work with you to sharpen your business strategy and plan, improve your product and marketing plan, build an execution plan and prepare you to the next funding round:

Market analysis – We will provide with a report giving you a wide insightful view on your target markets for your next generation product.

Competitive analysis – Gaining real competitive advantage requires ongoing research activity. We will provide you with an in depth unbiased external report that will tell you who are your current and future competitors , where they are positioned compared to you and each other, what are their plans for the next few years in terms of strategy, products, features and technology.

Market & product insights and recommendations – We will create an insightful innovative recommendations document that will offer market segments , products , features and strategies that will maximize your next generation business performance.

Go to market strategy – We will build with you with a full go to market strategy that provides greater customer focus, improved time to revenue , improved market awareness, stronger competitive advantage, additional and better distribution channels along with better understanding of the implied costs and implications of creating new channels and better understanding of the skills , team and approach required to bring the technology to the market.

Business plan – Once we have built with you  a winning strategy, product and marketing plan we will create a clear document that describes what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. A clear updated business plan is your roadmap to business success.

Investors presentation – You have a very short window of time and attention to explain that your startup makes a great investment. We will build with you and for you an investors presentation that provides an attractive short but sharp and clear professional view of your idea, your value , your team and your way to success. We will prepare you to the meetings making sure you give the best show in town.

Funding and investment relations  We will map with you the funding options that suites you best and create the connection with the investor that suits your stage, required capital, and segment. We will walk with you through the complete round making sure you take the right steps and meet the right people.

Proof of concept and Demo – We will define with you a prototype or demo of the future product. We will deliver a product definition of the prototype phase will showcase your roadmap in conferences,events, and customer demos. We can also work with your teams or external outsourcers to deliver the prototype in short time.

We at accelerantia are exited about new and innovative startups. While the heart and soul of every startup are the entrepreneurs and scientist,   we at Accelerantia have the skills, experience and innovation to provide you with all the tools to make your dreams come true.