Accelerate your product strategy, marketing and business

You are at the point where you need to plan your company’s next generation product. Currently your internal resources are fully engaged with the current product ongoing activities.

Accelerantia will work with you to accelerate your next generation product roadmap activities.

We will provide you with real deliverables which we believe is the key to your success:

Market analysis – We will provide with a report giving you a wide insightful view on your target markets for your next generation product.

Competitive analysis – Gaining real competitive advantage requires ongoing research activity. We will provide you with an in depth unbiased external report that will tell you who are your current and future competitors , where they are positioned compared to you and each other, what are their plans for the next few years in terms of strategy, products, features and technology.

Market & product insights and recommendations – We will create an insightful innovative recommendations document that will offer market segments , products , features and strategies that will maximize your next generation business performance.

Go to market strategy – We will build with you with a full go to market strategy that provides greater customer focus, improved time to revenue , improved market awareness, stronger competitive advantage, additional and better distribution channels along with better understanding of the implied costs and implications of creating new channels and better understanding of the skills , team and approach required to bring the technology to the market.

MRD and PRD – We will deliver MRDs and PRDs according to your  requirements ,definitions and choice of templates.

Prototype and Demo – We will define with you a prototype or demo of the future product. We will deliver a product definition of the prototype phase will showcase your roadmap in conferences,events, and customer demos. We can also work with your teams or external outsourcers to deliver the prototype in short time.

Collaterals and sales materials and knowledge delivery – we can provide your sales team with a full kit of collaterals that is required for a successful product launch such as how to win “cheat sheet”, Value proposition presentation, Definition of Sales demo and presentation,Press releases,Product data sheets , brochures, webinars, Sales Training, Solution briefs, White Papers, Customer success stories.

Pricing model and price book– We can build for you  pricing models and price books that will allow scalable and flexible entry to different market segments, competitive offering and future up-sales and expansion options. We will map the customer willingness to pay of different customers, verticals and  and services and provide a clear and simple use pricing tool.

We at accelerantia believe that great products deliver great value.  Our team brings a unique business, technology and innovation blend of expertise which makes us the best choice to maximize your next generation product value and to ensure a successful  product launch .