Adjusting to a new era of flexible services.

Mobile data traffic is exploding and industry is preparing for a 1000x increase.

The expected growth in the number of mobile broadband subscriptions, accelerating  penetration of smartphones, the evolution of IoT and increase in multimedia and video traffic are all leading to an amazing expected growth in every dimension.

The Internet of Things (IoT) sector is poised for tremendous growth toward the end of this decade, driven largely by increasingly robust mobile networks. The intersection of mobility, cloud and IoT provides a potentially transformative revenue opportunity for operators in the enterprise and public sectors.

Telecom operators have by now realized that they must have a plan to expand network capacity, contain operational cost and create revenues. With the evolution of OTT services, operators are striving for new ways to offer additional services and monetize their network.

Network functions virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networks (SDN) and the New IP will be essential to the telecom industry over the next five years, as they address the above challenges. Operators that will master those technologies will gain significant competitive advantage. The mentioned technologies create a synergy with Self Organized Networks (SON), flexible small cell deployments, the demand for higher spectrum range and 4G evolution and 5G initiatives.

We at Accelerantia believe that the telecom industry is ready for a very wide world of innovation and solution be it network scalability, network operation, network flexibility and most important new network services and monetization of network and traffic. Our team brings unique technology, business and management skills in areas of mobile telecom, SDN, NFV, Packet-Switching, Network management, Network Security and Broadband Technologies which makes us a native choice to accelerate any Telecom technology business.

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