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High value insights and prediction

The rise of social media, internet connectivity , smartphones, wearables and other connected devices all creates an enormous amount of data in different formats.

The data that people, machines and devices creates can be unstructured, semi-structured or structured and can include Text, Video and Audio.

The ability to scale in compute power and storage have evolved dramatically along with textual search analytic technologies and solution. Yet, there is a long way of innovation in front of us  with exponential  grow due to the introduction of billions of smarter and faster devices.

The Internet of Things and evolution of connectivity creates a demand for a new world of Big Data analytics and prediction solutions that will allow machines and devices to take decisions in real time based on real time insights and prediction. The required solutions become even more exciting when we take into consideration the fact that the data will be distributed and insights should be achieved based on the extended border of the cloud into the Fog Computing zone.

“When people talk about the Internet of Things, they tend to get hung up on the ‘things’ themselves,What unites products as seemingly disparate as driverless cars and fitness-tracking wearables such as the Jawbone UP is their ability to collect data from, and on behalf of, their users. Actually, the real value and insight comes from the data that these devices provide. We’re just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is possible in terms of data extraction. It’s a very exciting time.”[Ian Foddering, CTO and technical director at Cisco UK and Ireland]

We at accelerantia believe that Big Data infrastructures and environment are available and ready for new innovative insight and predictive applications. Our team brings unique business, technology and management skills in areas of Big Data infrastructure , Data Mining, Web Scrawling , OSINT and most important top ranking scientific knowledge in fields of statistical prediction, anomaly detection, computer science and more which makes us a native choice to accelerate any business that has something to do with Big Data.

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