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What we do

Accelerantia develops and innovates ideas and technology turning them into effective and profitable business strategies.

Our team of consultants  and mentors are leading experts in their fields and bring years of extensive industry experience, professional insight and an inspiring spirit of innovation.

Meet our experts
Natan Bandler - Accelerantia
Natan Bandler

Natan Bandler is the founder of Accelerantia. Natan is passionate about transforming innovative ideas into winning products and successful companies. Natan brings more than 17 years of experience in product innovation and management, business development and R&D management. He is an expert in communication, network security, big data analytics and open source web intelligence.Natan holds an MBA from Kellogg school of management

Prof. Assaf Schuster - Accelerantia
Prof. Assaf Schuster

Prof. Assaf Schuster of the Computer Science Department

Technion is a world leading expert of distributed and scalable data Mining, Big Data technologies analytics & prediction, Cyber security and system vulnerabilities, privacy preserving, cloud management and more.

Assaf published more than 170 papers. His algorithms on data-race detection were implemented in Intel’s Thread Checker. His papers triggered a rewrite of the Java Memory Model. He has built scalable production systems to handle petabytes of storage with off-the-shelf hardware. In recent years, his research group has focused on big data

and scalable, real-time knowledge discovery in distributed data streams. In 2010, Prof. Schuster established TCE – the Technion Center for Computer Engineering, which he heads. TCE has grown to become a center of activity for about 60 senior faculty members from the Technion and from other universities in Israel and abroad, dozens of industry leaders, and hundreds of graduate students.

Yoav Kluger - Accelerantia
Yoav kluger

Yoav Kluger is an experienced executive, visionary ,entrepreneur and consultant. Yoav brings more than 25 years as a CTO, VP technology in leading communication and telecom companies. Yoav is a telecom expert with wide and deep knowledge of customers, technologies and practices including SDN and NFV. Yoav is a co-founder of Atrica that was acquired by Nokia and founder of Kai Technologies.

DR. Itai Datner - Accelerantia
Dr. Itai Dattner

Dr. Itai Dattner is a lecturer at the University of Haifa’s Department of Statistics. He is an expert in data science. Possessing over 16 years of academic research and management experience, he has held positions in traditional industry, high-tech and the biotech industry. His academic research focuses on developing novel methodologies and rigorous theoretical frameworks for statistical inference in a variety of domains such as computer decision support, infectious diseases, system biology, and signal detection. Dr Dattner collaborates with  researchers from  the US, Europe, and Israel.

Roei Haberman - Accelerantia
Roei Haberman

Roei Haberman, startups mentor, is an Entrepreneurial Manager with more than 15 years of experience in various managerial roles in Sales, Business Development and Professional Services. Roei brings vast knowledge in building achievable business plans, sales go to market, and investment strategy. Roei was the co-founder and Global Sales and Business Development at Safe-T and served in other managerial and technical roles at companies such as ECI Telecom, Microsoft and IDF 8200. Roei is an expert of Telecom, Communication and Cyber markets.

Yuval Illuz, Cyber expert, Accelerantia
Yuval Illuz

Yuval Illuz, a startup mentor, holds a MBA in Business and Information Technology (cum laude).
Yuval is an expert in Cyber Security, Cloud, Storage and Big Data technologies. He has strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of more than 17 years of experience in strategic planning, business development, capital raising, strategy, roadmap, market penetrating and project and product management strategies. In addition, proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Yuval background, is from multinational companies, in senior positions, such as ECI Telecom, Strauss-Group, EL-AL and others. Yuval served in an elite unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corp.

Prof. Ronen Feldman, Text Analytics expert, Accelerantia
Prof. Ronen Feldman

Ronen Feldman is a Professor of Information Systems at the Business School of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He received his B.Sc. in Math, Physics and Computer Science from the Hebrew University and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University in NY. He was an Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern Business School. He is the founder of ClearForest Corporation, a Boston based company specializing in development of text mining tools and applications that was acquired by Reuters in 2007. He is the co-founder of Digital Trowel, a Text Mining company based in Israel. He has given more than 30 tutorials on text mining and information extraction and authored over 100 papers on these topics. He is the author of the book “The Text Mining Handbook” published by Cambridge University Press in 2007.

Daniel Moscovici - Accelerantia
Daniel Moscovici

Daniel Moscovici, Startups Mentor is an expert of communication, telecom and product strategy. Daniel brings more than 15 years of experience in the communication field in senior management and customer facing roles as a director of product management, senior architect and R&D manager in companies such as Allot, Nokia and more. Daniel holds an MBA from Kellogg school of management.

Zvika Starckman - Acceleranita
Zvika Starkman

Zvika Starkman, startups mentor(BSc, MBA) is an experienced manager in the High Tech industry, with a career of over 30 years in various industries and positions. Zvika served as the CEO of Focal-Info, a web intelligence extraction and analytics startup that was acquired by Verint. Zvika held the role of VP Marketing & sales at Enavis Networks, an ECI Telecom subsidiary, and at Orpak Systems, a leading retail systems provider for fuel industry and fleets management.

Erez Shtang - Accelerantia
Erez Shtang

Erez Shtang, Mentor, Cyber Security and Information Technology Expert, with expertise in leading enterprise level Security Architecture, Vision & Risk Mitigation. Excels as an information Security Visionary in delivering “Outside the box” Secured & ROI proven solutions. Erez brings 20 years of experience as a It & Security expert, product manager and technology leader in companies such as the Tel-Avi Stock exchange, BMC, checkpoint and IDF 8200.

Assaf Keren - Acceleranita
Assaf Keren

Assaf Keren, startup mentor, is an expert of Cyber Security and Cyber product strategy. Assaf is MinerEye’s VP of Product Strategy, an exciting new content-centric, self-learning DLP solutions. Prior to joining MinerEye, He held the post of Director of Cyber Security in the Israeli e-Government division. Following this post, as the VP of Strategy and Methodology, he has served as a strategic consultant for large enterprises and organizations seeking to efficiently secure their complex network environments. After the acquisition of CyberVision by Verint, he has acted as the Head of Product Management for Verint’s new Cyber Security unit. Following Verint, he has acted as a CTO in SenseCy, a Cyber Intelligence startup company.

Danny Lahav - Accelerantia
Danny Lahav

Danny Lahav is an experienced executive ,a technology and product expert in the fields of communication and video delivery. Danny has extensive experience introducing strategies driving company growth in intensive competitive market landscape.  Danny brings more than 20 years of experience as VP product and marketing in companies like Allot, Oversi that was acquired by Allot, ECI, Optix, Orckit and more.

Oren Pereg - Accelerantia
Oren Pereg

Oren Pereg, startups mentor, is an expert of  text analytics, Natural Language Processing(NLP). Oren brings 15 years of innovation research and algorithm development positions in fields of text and voice analytics in companies such as Intel and more

Nir Zinger - Accelerantia
Nir Zinger

Nir Zinger,Startups Mentor is an Innovation Principle and a telecom and communication expert. Nir brings more than 15 years of experience in the communications field as innovation principle, product manager, and R&D manager in companies such as Nokia and RAD. Nir is an expert of identifying market pains and find a technological way to close the gap and create immediate value.

Gadi Rosenfeld, Product expert, Accelerantia
Gadi Rosenfeld

Gadi Rosenfeld, Senior product consultant.

Gadi has over 15 years of experience in R&D and product management experience. Gadi took part in the design and marketing of award winning products in the video broadcasting, web and mobile solutions.

Gadi Holds an MBA degree from Kellogg-Recanati and bachelor degree in Computer science

Inbar Bremler - Accelerantia
Inbar Bremler

Inbar Bremler is a senior product manager with more then 10 years of experience in the Anti Fraud industry (Anti Phishing, Anti Malware, Risk Assessment, Identity verification etc).
Inbar managed international accounts and products for RSA-EMC and Trusteer/IBM and is passionate about building good products which solve real problems.

Eli Levy - Accelerantia
Eli Levy

Eli Levy, advisory board, is the CEO and partner Mor investment funds. Eli is a rising star in the Israeli investment  arena. Eli is the best mutual funds management investor in T.A. Eli is a visionary investor and an entrepreneur. He co founded More investment house at the age of 23 (!). He achieved  amazing funds growth the funds from NIS 600M in 2011 to NIS 5.3B in 2015. Eli is an expert of identifying great investment and capital raising.

Yossi Unterman, Commercial layer, LLC, Startup mentor, Accelerantia
Yossi Unterman

Yossi Unterman is a commercial lawyer with more than 14 years experience representing hi-tech and bio-tech companies. Drawing on his background representing dozens of hi-tech startups, he provides hands-on legal advice helping companies successfully navigate the legal landscape while avoiding the pitfalls. Yossi holds an LLB from the University of Leeds, UK and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, USA.