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Accelerantia consulting develops and innovates ideas and technology turning them into effective and profitable business strategies.

Our team of consultants  and mentors are leading experts in their fields and bring years of extensive industry experience, professional insight and an inspiring spirit of innovation.

Accelerantia -IoT:

Accelerantia – The Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to generate a staggering $7.1 trillion in annual sales by 2020.

We are entering an era where people ,computers , things and infrastructures are all connected and communicating with each other. The estimation is that by 2020 there will be about 50 billion devices.  All of them are going to be  connected to the cloud, each one of them is going to be seamlessly sensing what is going on and what is happening around it, sharing, analyzing , learning, predicting and responding to the environment.

An IOT device is any device that needs to Compute, Communicate and Connect to the cloud. The variety of devices is amazing starting from a wearable devices a to mega industrial robots and smart city infrastructure.

The infrastructures that will take part in this revolution are first of all the end devices, that can rate from personal wearable devices to airplanes, then we will need to deal with the network infrastructure that connect everything to the cloud, and last we will need to add wisdom in the shape of analytical insights and prediction to the cloud.

IOT is not about a tablet that can operate your stove remotely to start  cooking  a chicken, it is about a stove that will see the chicken and will say: “Hey, here is a chicken , lets cook it”.

IOT categories are: first, the wearable devices that you carry on you, it can be a smart watch, a heart monitor, sport clothing with sensors that will improve your golf and wearable patch screens. The second category is things you carry with you , phones, tablets and other devices that compute, communicate and connect to the cloud. The third category is things that are around you, your house, your appliances that sense and use wisdom to improve our life and the fourth category is in the city around you,  the security systems, the light system, smart parking systems, cars without drivers and smart traffic systems.

IOT brings an amazing promise, innovation and opportunities. IOT also generates a demand for suitable Cyber defense, telecommunication solutions and Big Data analytics insights that will enable the already happening revolution.

We, at Accelerantia believe that IOT will be the most important driver of technology innovation in the next few years. Our team brings unique  technology, business and management skills in areas of embedded devices, telecommunication, cyber security and big data analytics which makes IOT our favorite playground.

Accelerantia -Telecom – SDN, NFV:

Mobile data traffic is exploding and industry is preparing for a 1000x increase.

The expected growth in the number of mobile broadband subscriptions, accelerating penetration of smartphones, the evolution of IoT and increase in multimedia and video traffic are all leading to an amazing expected growth in every dimension. SDN, NFV, Cyber.

The Internet of Things (IoT) sector is poised for tremendous growth toward the end of this decade, driven largely by increasingly robust mobile networks. The intersection of mobility, cloud and IoT provides a potentially transformative revenue opportunity for operators in the enterprise and public sectors.

Telecom operators have by now realized that they must have a plan to expand network capacity, contain operational cost and create revenues. With the evolution of OTT services, operators are striving for new ways to offer additional services and monetize their network.

Network functions virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networks (SDN) and the New IP will be essential to the telecom industry over the next five years, as they address the above challenges. Operators that will master those technologies will gain significant competitive advantage. The mentioned technologies create a synergy with Self Organized Networks (SON), flexible small cell deployments, the demand for higher spectrum range and 4G evolution and 5G initiatives.

We at Accelerantia believe that the telecom industry is ready for a very wide world of innovation and solution be it network scalability, network operation, network flexibility and most important new network services and monetization of network and traffic. Our team brings unique technology, business and management skills in areas of mobile telecom, SDN, NFV, Packet-Switching, Network management, Network Security and Broadband Technologies which makes us a native choice to accelerate any Telecom technology business.

Accelerantia -Cyber:

Years of growth, opportunities and innovation ahead.
Cyber attacks became a part of our life. Most executives today admit that the question is no longer “whether there will be a breach,” they recognize that their network is either being breached or will be breached.

The evolution of technology and accessibility of data makes the attack attractive then ever as you can see from the chart above.

The last few years were very good to the cyber security segment, with high investments, innovation and exists. One could think we are at the pick point of the hype chart but what we see is just the tip on the iceberg.

With an increasing number of “things” connected to the internet ,BYOD, next generation cloud, fog and the continuous evolution of big data computing we can only expect major cyber security challenges.

What would happen in the event that our devices were hacked by someone with the ability to shut off our water supply, or take control of our cars, or unlock the doors of our houses from thousands of miles away?

The evolution of new technologies which is faster then the evolution of cyber security requires planning and new, holistic cyber protection systems that will protect organizations, bank accounts, personal information and connected “things”.

Heavy Reading magazine identified Network-Security as the number one key finding out of their 2020 vision project:

“Network security is viewed almost universally as the most critical issue facing the telecom industry over the next five years. More than 95 percent of 2020 Vision survey respondents said network security was essential or important to the telecom industry over the next five years. While virtualization and next-generation cloud services were also seen as critical, security drew the highest “essential” rating across all respondent groups”

We at accelerantia believe that while  it is clear that the challenges and risks are there, the evolution of technology also offers great opportunities to come up with new innovative solutions and ideas. The rapid evolution of Big Data analytics and prediction technologies, high speed Big Data computing, cloud telecom technologies such as SDN and NFV, all provides a great environment for new ultra innovative products, solution and startups to support the security side of the technology evolution. Our team brings unique  technology, business and management skills in areas of Cyber-Offense , Cyber-Defense , Cyber-Intelligence ,vulnerabilities, Telecommunication , IT infrastructure and big data analytics which makes us a native choice to accelerate any Cyber Security technology business.

Attacks: DDoS, Insider Threat, APT, Phishing, Social Engineering, Data Exfiltration, Data Leakage, Malware, Media Leak

Accelerantia –

Accelerantia – Big Data, insight, prediction:

High value insights and prediction:

The rise of social media, internet connectivity , smartphones, wearables and other connected devices all creates an enormous amount of data in different formats.

The data that people, machines and devices creates can be unstructured, semi-structured or structured and can include Text, Video and Audio.

The ability to scale in compute power and storage have evolved dramatically along with textual search analytic technologies and solution. Yet, there is a long way of innovation in front of us  with exponential  grow due to the introduction of billions of smarter and faster devices.

The Internet of Things and evolution of connectivity creates a demand for a new world of Big Data analytics and prediction solutions that will allow machines and devices to take decisions in real time based on real time insights and prediction. The required solutions become even more exciting when we take into consideration the fact that the data will be distributed and insights should be achieved based on the extended border of the cloud into the Fog Computing zone.

“When people talk about the Internet of Things, they tend to get hung up on the ‘things’ themselves,What unites products as seemingly disparate as driverless cars and fitness-tracking wearables such as the Jawbone UP is their ability to collect data from, and on behalf of, their users. Actually, the real value and insight comes from the data that these devices provide. We’re just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is possible in terms of data extraction. It’s a very exciting time.”[Ian Foddering, CTO and technical director at Cisco UK and Ireland]

We at accelerantia believe that Big Data infrastructures and environment are available and ready for new innovative insight and predictive applications. Our team brings unique business, technology and management skills in areas of Big Data infrastructure , Data Mining, Web Scrawling , OSINT and most important top ranking scientific knowledge in fields of statistical prediction, anomaly detection, computer science and more which makes us a native choice to accelerate any business that has something to do with Big Data.