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The next revolution

Imagine if your kitchen scales could advise you about nutrition ,if your lavatory could tell you to see a doctor, if your car could prevent an accident by communicating with the car next to you. Billions of gadgets, each one of them connected to the internet and communicating madly with one another without much in the way of human intervention.

The Internet of Things market is expected to generate a staggering $7.1 trillion in annual sales by 2020.

We are entering an era where people ,computers , things and infrastructures are all connected and communicating with each other. The estimation is that by 2020 there will be about 50 billion devices.  All of them are going to be  connected to the cloud, each one of them is going to be seamlessly sensing what is going on and what is happening around it, sharing, analyzing , learning, predicting and responding to the environment.

An IOT device is any device that needs to Compute, Communicate and Connect to the cloud. The variety of devices is amazing starting from a wearable devices a to mega industrial robots and smart city infrastructure.

The infrastructures that will take part in this revolution are first of all the end devices, that can rate from personal wearable devices to airplanes, then we will need to deal with the network infrastructure that connect everything to the cloud, and last we will need to add wisdom in the shape of analytical insights and prediction to the cloud.

IOT is not about a tablet that can operate your stove remotely to start  cooking  a chicken, it is about a stove that will see the chicken and will say: “Hey, here is a chicken , lets cook it”.

IOT categories are: first, the wearable devices that you carry on you, it can be a smart watch, a heart monitor, sport clothing with sensors that will improve your golf and wearable patch screens. The second category is things you carry with you , phones, tablets and other devices that compute, communicate and connect to the cloud. The third category is things that are around you, your house, your appliances that sense and use wisdom to improve our life and the fourth category is in the city around you,  the security systems, the light system, smart parking systems, cars without drivers and smart traffic systems.

IOT brings an amazing promise, innovation and opportunities. IOT also generates a demand for suitable Cyber defense, telecommunication solutions and Big Data analytics insights that will enable the already happening revolution.

We, at Accelerantia believe that IOT will be the most important driver of technology innovation in the next few years. Our team brings unique  technology, business and management skills in areas of embedded devices, telecommunication, cyber security and big data analytics which makes IOT our favorite playground.