biggest cyber breaches of all time
Years of growth, opportunities and innovation ahead.

Cyber attacks became a part of our life. Most executives today admit that the question is no longer “whether there will be a breach,” they recognize that their network is either being breached or will be breached.

The evolution of technology and accessibility of data makes the attack attractive then ever as you can see from the chart above.

The last few years were very good to the cyber security segment, with high investments, innovation and exists. One could think we are at the pick point of the hype chart but what we see is just the tip on the iceberg.

With an increasing number of “things” connected to the internet ,BYOD, next generation cloud, fog and the continuous evolution of big data computing we can only expect major cyber security challenges.

What would happen in the event that our devices were hacked by someone with the ability to shut off our water supply, or take control of our cars, or unlock the doors of our houses from thousands of miles away?

The evolution of new technologies which is faster then the evolution of cyber security requires planning and new, holistic cyber protection systems that will protect organizations, bank accounts, personal information and connected “things”.

Heavy Reading magazine identified Network-Security as the number one key finding out of their 2020 vision project:

“Network security is viewed almost universally as the most critical issue facing the telecom industry over the next five years. More than 95 percent of 2020 Vision survey respondents said network security was essential or important to the telecom industry over the next five years. While virtualization and next-generation cloud services were also seen as critical, security drew the highest “essential” rating across all respondent groups”

We at accelerantia believe that while  it is clear that the challenges and risks are there, the evolution of technology also offers great opportunities to come up with new innovative solutions and ideas. The rapid evolution of Big Data analytics and prediction technologies, high speed Big Data computing, cloud telecom technologies such as SDN and NFV, all provides a great environment for new ultra innovative products, solution and startups to support the security side of the technology evolution. Our team brings unique  technology, business and management skills in areas of Cyber-Offense , Cyber-Defense , Cyber-Intelligence ,vulnerabilities, Telecommunication , IT infrastructure and big data analytics which makes us a native choice to accelerate any Cyber Security technology business.

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